Know how Sturdee Residence has eventually attracted habitants with its advantageous facility

Need your own house, and then the Sturdee condo farrer park would probably be your first choice. The city of Singapore has been densely populated and one of the best well-known place for its floral world. To get a home in such a fabulous place is quite pleasant for families. But on the other part, it even gets costly. In this era, the development of Sturdee Residence has been a best prove of cheaper places in such floral world where people can certainly meet their dream house.

know how sturdee residence has eventually attracted habitants with its advantageous facility

About of Sturdee Residence:

Sturdee Residence floor plan was probably designed for families with all basic needs to allow them with housing facility. The cottages being created are designed by specially trained professional architects. Here apart from personnel dwelling people can even afford places to the visitors and other tourists too. In the city, this residence had been located nearer to the Farrer Park MRT station and two stops away to Dhoby Ghaut. The most precious importance lies in its accessing by the habitants through the nearby expressway.


In this era the Sturdee Residence has typically been the favorite of all just for its amenities like:

  • Availability of shopping houses for easy accessing of goods products.
  • Playgrounds for kids to spend their past hours.
  • Schools for studies of school going kids like the Singapore Management University, schools for art students, etc.
  • It even have facilities such as swimming pools and gym
  • Some food corners to exist for meeting the taste of habitants during weekends.

These all small amenities are sufficient enough for families to survive well. Thus, one can opt for them.


Sturdee Residence comes with full condominium facility for the habitants. Eventually, the surviving experience gets even better in this residence, and one can enjoy the beauty of Singapore city from closer.

Get the top notch business workspace at Centrium Square

Are you searching for a workspace at Singapore? Tong Eng Group is building one of the eminent commercial complexes at Singapore ever had. Centrium Sq is the ultimate destination for setting up of your office. It was previously known as Serangoon Plaza. The building is likely to open up by 2019.

get the top notch business workspace at centrium square

What are the advantages, you are going to get at Centrium Square?

There are hundreds of facilities; you will be getting here. Some of them are as follows.


It has one of unique locations in Singapore. It is located very near to Farrer MRT Station. You can also reach there from Orchard Shopping District and Marina bay Sands, within few minutes. There are also important educational centres, surrounding this area, like School of Singapore Arts and Farrer Park Primary School. There are many big and small shopping malls, for example, Centerpoint, Bugis Junction, The Brink Shopping Mall, Paragon, very close to this place, there are also many construction works going on.


You can reach here through any public or private transport system at any point of the day. The place is always surrounded with people from colleges, shopping malls and offices.


The structure is very efficiently built. There are provision for a supermarket, retail stores, car parking, offices and medical units all in the same building. There are individualized toilets and lifts for a different purpose. The building will be of 19 storeys. There is provision for 49 retail stores and 143 offices.

Added benefits

Other than these, the interior is designed with modular concept. There are a/c ledges, passenger lifts and service lifts. High chilling, full glass wall, will motivate both the customers and the workers. There is no additional buyer’s or seller’s stamp duty. You are definitely not going to get all these benefits expect Centrium Square.

Poiz Residences – Your perfect dream house

Everyone has a dream of having a brand new house where all the facilities and amenities are attached to. But most of the time it is seen that they are tired of seeking their dream house. In spite of getting a new house, a large number of homeowners admit that they have to adjust and to compromise their preference, because there are a few housing apartments which are able to fulfill the demands and the requirements of home seekers.

poiz residences your perfect dream house

Therefore people who are looking for their new house, prefer to seek help from real estate dealers/ real estate agents. But with the launch of Poiz Residences condo, residents of Singapore feel bit relieved. As it has offered all the facilities and services to their customers, so that they get a better life.

Why is this housing complex special?

Actually the organization as well as architectures who design this residential complex, keeping in mind that they would offer the best accommodation to their clients. They want to make sure that their clients never get the single scope to feel disturbed. In order to do so, builders try to include all kind of amenities to this residence which makes this residential complex unique and exclusive.

Its prime location:

One of the most significant features of this private condominium project is the prime location. Each and everyone likes to stay in such area from where he or she can access everything from reputed school to well-known hospital. Especially convenient transport facility is very important while you are looking for your dream house.

Always you prefer to select a good home location from where highway, rail station, metro, and airport everything would be within 15 -30 minutes distance. At the same time no one would like to purchase a house which is located in the market area.

Your all requirements would be fulfilled once you visit The Poiz Residences which is located next to Potong Pasir MRT station in Singapore.

Let’s sum up the main attraction of Poiz Residences before concluding this writing –

  • Its Prime location,
  • All the amenities and services are provided just for their clients,
  • Affordable price,
  • Good residential accommodation with a shopping complex and much more.

City Gate Residences: Some facts you should know about

City Gate, which was previously known as Keypoint building is basically a mixed development meant for both residing and other purposes. The City Gate Residences development is cleverly situated in key central areas like Kampong Glam, the Kallang riverside and many others. As you may also know, it also happens to lie at the cross section of Jalan Sultan and Beach Road, making it a really busy place.

city gate residences some facts you should know about

Basic Facts:

City Gate is developed by Fragrance Group and World Class Land in a joint venture. CityGate is basically a 30-storey mixed development comprised of 311 Residential and 188 Retail units. The tenure is of around 99 years, starting from 25th April, and the net area covered by the development is around 7269 square feet.


Experience a vibrant city life at the Citygate Residences. You will find that City Gate is the center of everything in the Beach Road area:

  • You are located at the center of leisure and entertainment in that area. Sports hub, Barrage, Kallang Basin and many more, this place have it all.
  • It also happens to be the center of city life, especially if you are a shopping fanatic. Marina Square, Bugis, Suntec City all make way for a wonderful city life.
  • It also forms the center of arts and business. Places like Kampong Glam, The Esplanade, Central Business District all support that fact.

A Masterpiece

There are 3 storeys reserved for shopping and dining services. The residential tower that rises from this place adds to the scenery of this place. You will get the direct views of the Kallang Basin from this place, along with the breathtaking scenery of the seas, the tall buildings and the wonderful city lights during the darkness of the night, all of which make City Gate Residences a joy to live in.

Find the perfect home in a High Park residence

The word perfect has been used very deliberately while discussing the High Park residences because any other word would fail to convey with conviction the true value of these homes. They are par excellence and deserve heavy praise for both its infrastructure and the peaceful and serene environment it creates.

find the perfect home in a high park residence


There has been a lot of careful thought which has gone into the planning of the residents in the high park. Each and every home is different and individualistic in character. There have been a lot of careful details which have received attention such as natural light which enters the rooms of the homes through wide windows. Air circulation is multiplied due to the enormity of the rooms and the height of the ceilings. A lot of open space is provided for recreational activities like planting trees or simply basking in the sun and enjoying a family meal.


Any person looking for a home for your family will be pleased to hear that the high park residence condo is the most protected area in perhaps all of Singapore. The crime rates are exceptionally low and children can grow up in a protected and shielded atmosphere where they stay safe from the harsh realities of life.


If you are traveling from High Park in Fernvale road to another place or someone us visiting you then it will please you to know that there are a lot of ways you can travel from or anyone can travel to your home. There are bust stops which are located around the area as well as a train station which connects you to the rest of the town.

Price and Locality

Compared to other places where residential homes are available high park residences offer a much reasonable price for the resources it provides. Along with the price the people residing in this locality are also approachable and friendly.

Get alkaline water at your house seamlessly using a water purifier

The modern grades of water purifiers not only produces you filter and temperature-controlled drinking water, but it offers you with alkaline water that can make you healthier by improving the metabolic rate of your body. The water dispensers, capacitated with the modern technologies can safeguard your health on holistic perspectives and also it serves a series of allied functions. Thus, you should ensure that you had installed one at your home.

get alkaline water at your house seamlessly using a water purifier

More features, more utility

These dispensers are the most advanced grades of water filtration system that produce water with higher pH balance. It brings neutralization over the acids that are present in the blood streams and are identified as one of the major peril to the health. Drinking the alkalized water, the metabolic rate of the body also improves and its outcome is a better filtration of the hazardous stuffs in the boy. Asides, as the dispensers come with the capacity to filter the water, it ensures that what you drink is separated of the impurities and thus the water you drink is totally free of contamination.

You can even get hot water instantly

The modern grades of dispensers not only offer you purified alkaline water but you get options of like hot and cold water dispenser which produces water at higher as well as lower temperatures, side by side. Thus, it serves you with water at pleasant temperature to drink across the entire stretch of the year.

The allied services

Having a water purifier with such varied functionality is definitely beneficial for you. It is not only for drinking, but say you want to relish a fuming-hot cup of coffee; the device is there is your assistance. Thus putting money on its purchase really fetches your worth of utility

How to Enlarge Breast Size Naturally

Women are always figure conscious and for a good physique breast size has a great effect. Today, many women wants to enhance their natural breast size but worried about the procedure if it is safe or harmful. Natural breast enhancement remedies are always preferable because it has no side effects for the customers.

how to enlarge breast size naturally

Many women are not satisfied with their natural breast size but they are reluctant to undergo any surgery or any artificial procedure. So, they prefer the natural ways which will help to increase their breast size without any side effect and it will be affordable also. Here are some ways on how to increase breast size naturally:

Good exercise

Exercise is the safest way of natural breast enlargement. Some good exercise can make your breast bigger and enhance the natural growth. It is always effective not only for the prospective purpose but also your entire body. It stimulates the growth hormones and circulates it though out the body and you can notice a good result if your practice the regular basis exercise.

Healthy food and supplements

Along with the breast enlargement exercises, you should feed your breast to get a good growth. There are several natural supplements and selective foods. Foods like nuts and oil seeds, soya, whole grain foods are very essential thing for balancing sex hormones which is effective for breast enlargement. Natural herbs and supplements are at the same time good remedy for it.

Benefit of natural enlargement

Natural breast enlargement is always safe and affordable. It has no side effects and there is no need to undergo any surgery. It is not painful and a healthy idea to get an expected result. It not only increases your breast size but also create a self-confidence in you to have a good and attractive physique.

The benefit from The Vales executive condo development

This executive condo offered by The Vales is recognized to be one of the most awaited condo development in Sengkang town in Singapore. Some of the benefits that can be expected to own a condo in the vales would be as follows:

the benefit from the vales executive condo development

  • Its only 600 meters distance away from the popular Sengkang MRT station
  • There is provision of both 2 and 3 bedroom Garden houses, Penthouse villas and Apartments available
  • This exquisite condo development will be completed within 2018 and the booking would start by the 15th July, 2015
  • There is ample number of bus convenience available as the condo location is very near to the Sengkang east road and Anchorvale Street that is considered to be transportation hubs.
  • Only about 30 minutes’ drive via vehicle to reach the nearest business hub in Sengkang town in Singapore
  • Plenty of shopping malls and restaurants are available for entertainment

If you are planning to book your apartments, penthouse villas or apartments then you can call The Vales office and learn more about the development of executive condos. These condos are available for the low price and there is option of priority booking as well. If you call them and register your number then you will be provided with frequent updates on the development of a condo.

The total land size of Vales executive condo is around 188660 sq. Ft. It is located in the North East region of Singapore. This locality is bounded by some of the popular places like Anchorvale crescent, Anchorvale Street and Sengkang east road. The LRT station name Cheng Lim is residing right next to the condo area. There is a very popular, Seletar mall being developed very near to the condo hence the future residents will be able to reach the entertainment area just by walk and to a few other entertainment places as well.

Engage In The Most Gripping Dragon Slaying Adventure

Dragon Bane is one of the well-loved games in the world. With supreme quality graphics, and other exciting features including vicious dragons and characters which allow you to become the hero of a new world, this is bound to be a people-pleaser for you as well. When you are want to play a game that is gripping, adventurous and exciting at the same time, you need not look beyond what Dragon Bane Asia has to offer. Developed by Digital Sky, this game has gained increasing popularity over time, and because of its extreme popularity, the developers have made it available on iOS and Android app stores as well, so that you can play it when you are on the move. The game itself is a very exciting one, where you get to choose your own character, name it, and then slay dragons.

engage in the most gripping dragon slaying adventure

Progression In The Game

The concept of the game is a pretty standard one, although the brilliant graphics, details battles and images and choice of characters makes it very unique from other adventure, progression games. It is a role playing action game, where your character has to go around collecting treasures, while at the same time slaying the dragons and all other creatures in its way. There are more than a few hundred ways in which you can customize your character, so that it becomes more exciting and interesting. You can even get powers along the way, whereby you can skip battles, and sail through a level without obstacles.

Verdict On The Game

Downloading Dragon Bane Asia on your devices or playing it online is bound to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. With detailed battles, complex characters and the excitements of an alien world, you will not be able to leave it alone even for a minute.

How to choose the Right Type of Singapore condominium?

Singapore has been voted by foreigners as one of the top areas to relocate to in Asia. Singapore has constantly prided itself for having one of the best and strictest law implementation regulations in the district, which is the reason one would barely find protest or strikes occurring in the city. The education system in Singapore has likewise effectively delivered numerous youthful talents who have made their names in different international stages. Topographically, its little size has made traveling simple and advantageous. Additionally, its lasting through the year warm atmosphere is one of the key reasons why a large number of ostracizes have chosen to call Singapore home. In any case, other than getting to know the profits of selecting Singapore as the perfect nation to live in, picking the right sort of Singapore condominium, The Terrace EC has been an issue for some. Actually, numerous locals themselves think that it hard to pick the right kind of house that suits them.

how to choose the right type of singapore condominium

Features of executive condominium

Singapore condominium is a set of multiple projects where discrete units get sold. However, you share the ownership of other common properties such as club house, elevators, tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium and other joint facilities with other owners of the executive condominium. In the recent years, many people are adopting The Terrace way of owning a house. However, executive condominiums vary according to the market sectors.

The other one is middle class Singapore condominiums, The Terrace. Basically, these are situated close to city fringes and other areas such as Tanjong Thu and Newton Novena. They are very popular because they are located close to middle of the city where entertainment and business hubs are. In addition, they have various types of themes which attract successful yuppies and professionals.

Bottom Line

Finally, there are the luxury category of condominiums, The Terrace which caters for people with good financial status. These types of condominiums are situated in the major districts such as the Sentosa, Orchard Road and Keppel Bay. They are for people who do not only desire to own a home, but those with exclusive lifestyle which fits their needs and status.